W.A. Mozart for Guitar Ensemble- Konstantinos Kirolytis

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W.A. Mozart for Guitar Ensemble- Konstantinos Kirolytis

-  Eine Kleine Nachtmusic

- Le Nozze di Figaro


Pages: 48 plus separate scores for each guitar  

About the book

With these two arrangements of two of the most popular W. A. Mozart’s music, I deliver the pieces as originally composed by Mozart himself, simultaneously taking advantage of the endless perspectives and choices that guitar provides me.
As a result, all four guitars are equally participating in the piece, since the main melody travels through each of them during the piece, giving the participants-performers the pleasure of performing both as soloists and at the same time as an orchestra member. These feelings are really unique and, believe me, rarely happen in the classical string orchestra because of the very specific role each instrument usually possesses.
Furthermore, in these arrangements I took the liberty to borrow a rhythmic technique from the electric guitar realm: The accompanying guitars most of the time play the chords with alternate picking (a.p.) and palm mute (p.m.) techniques. I was astonished by my students’ reaction when I first saw them play in such a way, revealing a big smile of happiness and pleasure on their face.