Creations for Piano - Yorgos Karagiannis

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Creations for Piano - Yorgos Karagiannis


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The book "Creations for Piano" contains original compositions by Yorgos Karagiannis for a piano with a level of difficulty from Grade 8.

With contemporary listening and special technical difficulties, we recommend this book to students and teachers.

Yorgos Karagiannis is performing an outstanding musical career while many of his works are awarded for world-class composing competitions:

In 2015, on the International Composition Competition Maurice Ravel,  receives "First Place for the Nation Greece" and the title of Greatly appreciated composer in Category B (Compositions for less than 15 instruments), with the composition "Consistence" for string and wind quartet.
In 2016, receives "Third place" worldwide, on the same competition, on Category D (Compositions for solo instrument) with the composition "Farewell"  and again the "First Place for the Nation Greece".
In 2016, on the 14 composition contest Volos Greece, receives  "Second Prize" on Category : Solo Instrument, with the composition "Guitar Tango". "Second Prize" on Category : Film music, with the composition "Consistence" and  "Second Prize" on Category: Chamber music, with the composition "Samba (N'Oublier pas Paris)".
In 2016, on the International Film music competition held in Italy, reached on top 20 world Finalists, received Special Mention at Category : Classical (Drama - Musical - Comedy) and Special Prize for the "Comedy" genre.
In 2017, on the Great American Song Contest held in America, reached on Top 20 world Finalists on the category "Instrumental", with the composition "Guitar Tango".

"Melodye" is a candidate for the Fidelio Synthesis Contest.

The book contains cd with recorded works at Sierra Studio by Soloist Mary Alexandratou