Music Alfavitokosmos- George Karakasis

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Music Alfavitokosmos - George Karakasis


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12 pieces for piano that introduce the student to the atonal music with the particular approach of George Karakasis while simultaneously showing great in repertory.

Each melody describes words from the text. The student must understand the meaning of the pattern, where it starts and where it ends, to be able to perform it in the best possible way.

The notes in the score on expressive elements and dynamics are indicative. The student has the choice to perform the work according to how he feels while studying the text.

Particular attention is to be given to the time signature. There are alternating rhythmic elements and we need to focus on them during the study, from the beginning. In the strong part of each measure, there is an accented syllable. That helps the student understand more easily these rhythmic changes. The rhythmic recitation of the text, also helps a lot to understand the changes of rhythm and measure. There are also options for learning measures in halves, quarters and eighths.

Themes editing and development: there are pieces in which the words are simple, but as the work progresses they convert to more complex or even derivatives. For example, in project '0-19' we count from 0 to 19. We have melodies for 5, 10 and later the15. So the tune of 15 came out from 10 and 5.

Chord reading: We learn to read chords from bottom to top (one to one and then all together, as is exemplified in the work 'Mines - Months').

Instrument meeting: There are presented musical instruments that we may not know. We learn in which key they are written and in what octave they sound.

Contemporary music: In this book the student can approach the atonal music and understand its musical result. 

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