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Composers: Sotiris Despotis, Savvas Karatzias

A Subways Music Production - Sohpocles Sapounas

Six interesting musical creations are here to enrich the repertoire of contemporary Greek musical works. These compositional activities that organize their musical material through the music language of the 20th century are offered to music lovers by composers Sotiris Despotis and his pupil Savvas Karatzias. Their works were created for solo instruments, excluding the last one, and are interpreted in a virtuosic manner by five young distinguished artists. These compositional proposals consist of successful treatments of their musical elements and invite us to embark on a journey to seek out new musical space-times, where the sound meets the place and the human element the transformation of the vulnerable into the eternal.

Cd Tracks:

1. Md-8: Maryland (2001)                                                          3:53

Composer: Sotiris Despotis  Clarinet: Manousos Ploumidis

2. Prelude Nostalgic Bells: St. Petersburg (2013)
Composer: Savvas Karatzias   Piano: Panayiotis Gogos

3. Trilogia: Paris-Kyoto-Paris (2005)                                          2:34

Composer: Sotiris Despotis  Flute: Vivi Papaioannou

4. Four Errant Icons: North-South-West-East (2012)                   8:35  (I- 3:06, II- 2:33, III- 2:56)

Composer: Savvas Karatzias  Guitar: Georgios Kavasilas

5. In Der Wuste:Sinai (2007)                                                      4:43

Composer: Sotisis Despotis  Cello: Angelos Liakakis

6. Symbolismus:Gasse (2005)                                                     2:14

Composer: Sotiris Despotis 

FLute: Vivi Papaioannou, Cello: Angelos Liakakis

                                                                                          Total: 31:06


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