Bass Fairy Tales - Dimitris Ikonomakis

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Bass Fairy Tales


Dimitris Ikonomakis with Takis Kapogiannis

& Sophia Mavrogenidou, Iraklis Vavatsikas, Tasos Fotiou, George Katsanos, Spyros Moschoutis, Xenofon Symvoulidis

Recorded on May 2011 at Subway Studios by Yiannis Paxevanis with the help of Vangelis Sapounas.
Mixing and mastering by Yiannis Paxevanis
Produced by Dimitris Ikonomakis
A Subways Music production


The "Bass Fairy Tales" album is the result of the three-year occupation of Dimitris Ikonomakis  playing  bass with a bow. His teacher, Takis Kapogiannis  is the solo bass of the Athens State Orchestra.

It started as a joke in class: "Since there are not many fine pieces for double bass, I will write some," said the "student".  The first work amazed the "teacher" and in a period of about two months "Bass Fairy Tales" was completed. With  Kapogiannis playing with a  bow and Ikonomakis playing pizzicato and classical guitar.

The "Bass Fairy Tales" tells eight stories highlighting the deep, husky, robust and whiny voice of the instrument.
The first story (Solo) is a lonely walk. In each new story added an interlocutor: Guitar (Duet), Flute (Trio), accordion, saxophone (Quartet), piano (Quintet), drums (Sextet). The group ends with the coming of the oboe (Septet) in an unexpected zeimbekiko to close with a solitary account (Solo pizz.).

The "Bass Fairy Tales" enriches literature on the double bass. But this is not a work written only for double bass. The bass converse on equal  terms with the other instruments solely driven music completeness.

The "Bass Fairy Tales" moves in the wider space of  jazz, regarding the harmonic perception, improvisation and rhythmic sense, but also "talking" to Bach, Debussy, Segovia & Piazzolla. It is  dipped in a lyrical Mediterranean romance.

The "Bass Fairy Tales" is an ensembles disk.  The talented musicians, are members of  the band “Apodrasi” . With the participation of new friends, they gave a different atmosphere and color to the  original idea. The improvisations are a real "composition inside the composition."



1.    Solo …………….2.34    Takis Kapogiannis  /Arco Double Bass
2.    Duet…………….4.18     Dimitris Ikonomakis /Pizz Double Bass, Classical Guitar
                                       Sophia Mavrogenidou /Flute
3.    Trio………………6.19     Iraklis Vavatrikas /Accordina, Accordion
4.    Quartet………  6.57     Tasos Fotiou /Soprano Sax
                                        George Katsanos /Piano, Vibrandoneon
5.    Quintet………. 8.24      Spyros Moschoutis /Drums
6.    Sextet………….8.07
7.    Septet………….5.11
8.    Solo Pizz……….2.22

Listen part of the tracks at: http://www.audiomack.com/album/cambia-subways-music/bass-fairy-tales