The Garden of Joy and Sadness E-BOOK - Thanasis Saltas

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The Garden of Joy and Sadness- a fairy tale for young and old

ISBN: 979-618-80286-7-8

Size: 23X30 cm   Pages: 36

The story "The Garden of Joy and Sadness" is a fairy tale for children and adults with a rich vocabulary, fabulous music and messages for children and adults. It includes 12 stories and 4 songs starring Joy and Sorrow. Through their  lives’ adventures , we learn finally how important both these emotions are and how one of these emotions cannot exist without the other.

The author Thanasis Saltas has won many competitions in poetry, short stories and theatrical play writing and goes on being recognized for his vivid writing and his wonderful handling of speech.

Kyra Aligizaki, a well known artist, has edited all the illustrations giving the tale a unique artistic perspective.

Chrissanthi Oikonomaki’s music creates a fairytale atmosphere that carries the listener away.

The tale apart from the fun side, has an educational character, keeping a very high level in wording, imaging and sound.

The music has been recorded by natural instruments: piano, cello and flute.

Piano: Ekonomaki Chrysanthi

Cello: Ourania Karantounia

Flute: Myrto Chrysanthopoulou

Awarded as the best fairytale of 2013 at the contest "Sikeliana"

The CD contains suitable music for creating dramatic play of the fairytale. It also calms children before bedtime.

"-Ah, the glory of life how can a man touch it?
-Ha, ha ..! With a little fairy tail it can be a little touched, it can be sweetly felt ...
-Ah, and his soul will start dreaming tenderly .. And he will be spellbound lost in a full of laughter and tears garden ...
-Ha, ha ...! We will travel through the myths, with colors, sounds, and songs, with voices, music, narratives ...
-Ah and he will be lost forever in the world of childhood dreams ...
Yes! This tale is for children, for adults, for happy and sad ones, for all of us ...
Ah!! In truth, how beautiful it is for one to laugh and
Ha!! ... How beautiful to shed tears ...
How beautiful it is to Live!
"Yes! ... Once upon a time there was a nice garden ...»


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