Chamber music for violin & guitar - Chrys Mouzakitis

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Chamber music for violin & guitar - Chrys Mouzakitis

Medea Suite & Greek Sonata

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The project “Medea’s suite” was written initially as soundtrack to the eponymous work of Jean Anouilh (from ancient tragedy), which was staged by an amateur troupe of University students.
I was captivated by the entire play’s plot and mentally I traveled to the ancient, mythical, heroic times. I let myself free to become ecstatic, to imagine, to see the images and hear the sounds and beats of this exciting tragedy.
So after an introduction, I imagined DANCE before lovemaking, THE LOVEMAKING, the EXCITEMENT, the COMPLAINT, the relaxation-LULLABI, the mysterious calm of the Night, the colors and sounds of DAWN and THE EPILOGUE. In my mind were the sounds of PERPETUAL GREECE, as I subjectively imagined them. That is why in the same book, on the same disc, I wanted to include my sonata titled '’GREEK SONATA”, as a  guide to which I had again the Greek musical tradition.
I chose violin and guitar, because their sounds were the most suited for these projects in my imagination.
Or maybe I chose it because had in my ears the sounds of my son Theo playing the violin in the room next door  (anybody can understand my feelings). The part of the violin anyway,  can be interpreted by flageolet (flute).

                                                                                                                                                                 Chrys Mouzakitis


Theodor Mouzakitis - violin

Vasilis Tiggiridis - guitar


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