Terms of use

For pushing your order forward , there is a need for us to know your full name, e-mail, address, and the phone number from which you sent your order. Cambia Books in no case publicizes, reveals , sells or exchanges the personal information you entrusted us with.

Cambia Books will observe the Privacy Principles as they are provided from the relative law and will not proceed in the use of your information without your permission.




Web site intellectual property law

The whole content of the site such as texts, graphics, logos, pictures, sound files as well as any kind of software constitutes intellectual property of cambiabooks.gr or of the suppliers collaborating with it and it is protected from the Greek and the National Law. The content exploitation belongs to cambiabooks.gr and it is protected by the Greek as well as the National Law.


Permitted content uses from the customer


Cambiabooks.com/gr allows you to have a restricted access to the content of the sitefor personal use and it is of no case legal of you neither to store this content on your hardware disc nor modify or exploit it unless you have the written consent of cambiabooks.com/gr . This permission includes no commercial use of the site or its content and gives you no right to use any kind of mechanism for mass collection of data from cambiabooks.com/gr. The content as well cambiabooks.com/gr itself cannot be reproduced, copied, sold or  re-sold  without the written consent of cambiabooks.com/gr. The use of the name or logo or any property that belongs to cambiabooks.com/gr cannot be used for promotion and advertisement purposes or for any kind of  fame and customer exploitation without our written consent.

Applicable Law

All the transactions through Cambia Books are governed  by the National and European Law  which settles issues of web commerce as well as by the consumer protection Law  (N. 2251/1994) which settles issues for sales from distance.



Cambia Books was founded in 2011 and resides in Greece.

Cambiabooks.com/gr is a web shop of book and musical products sales.


Order Cancellation 

You can cancel an order until the time it is pushed forward. This happens when we send you the corresponding informative e-mail that your order has been approved and is on its way.


Terms Modification

Cambia Books keeps the right to modify or change the terms of the transactions. The validity of the new terms starts when they are added to the web site.