Εditions Cambia


Cambia Publications  was created aiming at the promotion of new composers, artistic creators , new trends in the musical educational approach as well as the support of the new musician’s effort at their first steps.


What we offer to creators:


1)      Possibility of publication of their work (musical compositions, musical tales, theoretical books, poetry etc) at a short period of time.

2)      Our side promotion of their work to all music schools and artistic place where their work could be appreciated.

3)  Distribution to all the bookstores and music book stores of Greece. Also distribution in 62 e-shops all over the world.

3)      Events where the creators will be able to present their work.

4)      E-shop which will be advertised to well-known music web sites for the sale of their works.

6)      Possibility of registration of their work which happens automatically with the publication of their book.

7)      Their personal promotion at Cambia books web site. (curriculum vitae, space for work, e-mail in order for anybody interested to get in contact with the creator)


What we offer to musicians:


1)      Projection with a picture, curriculum vitae and mp4 where a music work will be performed. Annual subscription of 50 Euros.

2)      Their promotion from our side to composers, creators, studios and places of art where they could start a collaboration.


What we offer to e-shop members:


1)      Possibility of finding fresh material for the repertory which matches their hearings, while they can anytime get in touch with the music composer himself.

2)      Possibility of finding musicians who meet their needs.

3)      Possibility of attending special events new composers and creators add up fresh air to music happenings of our country.


Cambia Books – Collaboration

The general ideology of the publishing company is that the books of the composers should be definitely accompanied with a cd and if they include a text, they should be bilingual(Greek -English). The publishing company collaborates with studio where there is the possibility of sound recording of works with both classical and electronical instruments.

There are also colleagues for text translation from Greek to English and vice cersa.

The publishing company undertakes the distribution and the best possible promotion of the book through newsletter, collaborations with music schools and music places, events , online advertising etc.

The creator is covered from the very first time for his cooperation with the publishing company, having signed a five-year contract which preserves his copyright and grants him 30% over the sales annually.


Terms of use:


For pushing your order forward , there is a need for us to know your full name, e-mail, address, and the phone number from which you sent your order. Cambia Books in no case publicizes, reveals , sells or exchanges the personal information you entrusted us with.

Cambia Books will observe the Privacy Principles as they are provided from the relative law and will not proceed in the use of your information without your permission.