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Date added: 24/04/2014 Cambia Fest II - Programm






On Sunday 4th May at 6.30 pm the Theatre Technon "Odeio"  at Peristeri ( Dimokritou 3 & Sarantoporou ), opens its doors to the music festival organized by the Publications Cambia.

Ensembles and students from all over Greece with exceptional talent are taking part in a festival dedicated to the Greek composer with works that have traveled to all over the world.

What's more important than supporting our culture and give our children opportunities to display their efforts honoring the Greek Composers whose work have emphasized that Greece is the center of culture?

The opening of the Festival starts with  Mr. James Konitopoulos (Composer - Conductor and General Secretary of the Union of Greek Composers) in a speech that aims to inform the public of the Greek Composers' Union , its work & how can one contact in order to have access to Greek composers as well as the importance of the issue of the magazine Polytonon.

The first part involved:




Vocal Ensemble " Echo " (Students aged 6-26 years Conservatory Amfissas) with piano accompaniment .

Professor: Teaching Nikos Spanatis / Conductor Helen Internou

Vocal ensemble "ECHO"  founded in January 2009, at the Music School Echo, by the soprano Ellie Karidi. Their vocal repertoire includes works by Greek composers (Hadjidakis,Theodorakis, Chatziapostolou, Kypourgos, Sougioul, etc), quotes from many famous Musical (Dancing Queen, Mamma mia) and also has presented many Children's operas, such as «Christmas Gold» of Ch. Hinkins, and 'Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" by Bill Francoeur.
Appears repeatedly in the context of many events and festivals within and outside the prefecture of Phocis, with warm reviews from the local press. Since autumn 2009, the Ensemble is under the instruction of Nick Spanati and conduction of Helen Internou.

Vocal Ensemble " Echo " participates with favorite songs of Lena Platonos, Kypourgos, Kalomiris etc.


Stathis Chomatsas (Soloist, a graduate of the Conservatory Renaissance Egaleo, and student of Mr. Toufexis

Efstathios (Stathis) Chomatsas was born in 1993 and began studying piano at age 5. In 2010, he studied piano with 'Excellent unanimously for outstanding Performance" at the conservatory "Anagenisi" with Professor Helen Kokolaki. Since then, he continues his studies with Professor Dimitri Toufexi taking piano diploma in 2013 with grade "Excellent unanimously, 1st Award of Excellence and outstanding Performance and interpretation, being the highest distinction awarded ever by the conservatory. Also in 2012 he studied harmony with grade " Excellent unanimously " with professor Fotios Pappas.
Stathis graduated from the Music School of Ilion in 2011. Currently, he is a student of the Music Department of the National University of Athens and Kappodistriako and the American College of Greece (Deree), where he specialized in piano. He has attended seminars piano with renowned pianists such as Dimitri Toufexi, Daniel Blumenthal, Aquiles Delle Vigne, Alexander Kapelis, Yannis and Anthoula Papadopoulos.

Stathis Chomatsas participates with works of Constantinides, Hadjidakis and other Greek composers.



Alkestis Zacharogiorga - Leading Voice with piano accompaniment

The Alkestis was born in 1990, grew up in Preveza - Greece and since 2008 lives in Athens. She studies music for the past 12 years. In 2013 she graduated from the department of Greek Conservatory.
In addition, she likes to write music and lyrics, and plays piano and guitar. Continues her musical education at the "PRAXIS" Conservatory  and is a member of the vocal ensemble "praxis".
She has also studied at the National Conservatory of Preveza - guitar, vocals, modern piano (2002-2006) and guitae at the "Polyrhythmia " Conservatory (2006-2007).


She participates in concerts and festivals as a singer from 2002 to today. She has participated in competitions, concerts and festivals in Greece and abroad as a member of the choir "Harmony " (2002-2006).
She has won the first prize in student singing competition in 2007. Participated in choir and musicals at the "Music Creation" Conservatory of Athens (2010).
She has participated in a vocal CD of Low cost Travellers (2011) and CDs with children's songs of the magazine " Window in Education" (2013).

Alkestis Zacharogiorga participates with favorite greek songs and some of her own compositions.


Despina Bonou- piano , student of Professor Chrysanthi Ekonomaki

Participates with the work of George Varsamakis "With open windows"

Lilan Sykioti - piano, student of "Evmeleia" Conservatory. Professor Marilena Spachi

Participates with the work of George Varsamakis "Acrobatics


In the second part involved:


Vocal Ensemble "Praxis"

Vaso Vlassi
Alcestis Zacharogiorga
Dikaia Margioli
Sophia Braila
Virginia Fragkoulatzi

Lia Georgakopoulou
Rebecca Georgiadou
Alice Kostopoulou
Zeta Tsoukala

George Goudousakis
Dimitris Makris
Antonis Papadakis

Panagiotis Crampis
Orestes Bilios

Vocal Ensemble "Praxis" participates with songs from Lilliput (Composer: Kypourgos)

Athena Xanthakou - Leading Voice and guitar

Born in Athens in 1990. Graduate Department of Primary Education of the University of Patras. She began her musical studies with piano lessons (1995-2003). In 2005 began classical guitar lessons, which continues until today. She also studies mandolin and singing. She is also a song composer. She writes her own lyrics. She has attended seminars of creative writing, child psychology, and music system Carl Orff.

Athena Xanthakou participates with her ​​own compositions, songs with guitar accompaniment .

Lia Hide - Music Professor, Composer

She lives, teaches and writes music in Athens Greece.

Lia Hide was born, lives and works in Athens. She is a singer/songwriter, and plays the piano. She studied music at the American College of Greece (B. A.) with a specialization in the musical theater and a Minor in English literature, and also Business Administration (A.B.A.).  She holds the Licentiate in Piano Performance, from the Guildhall School of Music and Drama, London, and the Greek State Diploma, both in piano and classical singing, with Highest Distinction.

She has been performing all across Greece, since the age of 17, and has collaborated with some of Greece’s most important alternative, electronica, and jazz artists. She has and excessive list of singles and albums in the Electronica genre (soulful, chill out, acid jazz, electro pop), and has been invited in major festivals, as well as the Greek television, several times. Songs from these collaborations are featured in worldwide famous compilations, as well as Greek ones. (artists: Influence, DjMCD, A dog Named Rodriguez, Robin Skouteris, Neverland - labels: Planetworks, The Sound of Everything, Global Underground, Local Underground). She also writes music for the theatre, and provides lyrics, both in English and Greek, for various artists.

Her first solo album «Home" (released Fall 2013 by EMI Greece), features music, lyrics, orchestration and production by Lia Hide. “Home” is a dark concept album about lost our lost soul and our new found identities, about lost girls and murdered boys, childhood fears, and adult nightmares. She identifies her sound as “progressive pop”: a mixture of electronic and psychedelic soundscapes with unexpected melodic structures, and peculiar grooves; songs of unusual lengths, with multilayered vocals and excessive orchestrations, bitter and sweet, dreamy and aggressive, angry and ethereal.   
In 2004 she represented Greece, as a guest and Ambassador of Greece, at Berkeley University and Stanford University in California, and was also invited to perform at the London School of Music in England (2005). In 2012 was chosen to perform, with her graduate students, at the Melodrama Festival in Poland, presenting a dramatized show of Greek folk fairytales.

She is a voice and piano teacher. She teaches since 2001 theory and piano, modern and classical singing and musical, songwriting, and history of modern music. Her students excel in exams and in their individual careers. An associate of the London College of music, she has had more than 300 students enter the LCM exams, in all levels as well as performing and teaching diplomas, with 100% success. The main emphasis of her educational profile however, is helping vocal students find their own voice; a method she formulated over the years, which focuses on personalizing the teaching and training and technique build up, on each specific individual. She currently is the director and founder of the vocal ensemble PRAXIS, and the performing group Noizarte.

Participates with her ​​own compositions, piano accompaniment


National Conservatory of Peristeri

Participates with students who will present known and loved works of Greek Composers

(Constantinides, Kalomiris, Hadjidakis etc.)