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Date added: 29/01/2014 A magical evening at "Peri Technon" Culture Centre

Everyone was amazed by the presentation of the book with music scores "Dream Paths' by the Composer George Papadopoulos at "Peri Technon" Cultural Centre.

The composer and guitarist George Papadopoulos thrilled the art lovers of Patra in Greece in a special concert at "Peri Technon" Cultural Centre

More specifically, Sunday, Jan. 19, Cambia Publications and Cultural Center "Peri Technon" organized a presentation of the music book "Dream Paths" (composer George Papadopoulos)

The concert that followed  with the composer's works for solo guitar and  chamber works for guitar, piano and flute  gave a special note to the atmosphere.
Everyone was very excited by the musical compositions of George Papadopoulos for its calming and traveling spirit.

Soloist, George Papadopoulos- guitar, Cleonice Bartzela- flute  and Georgia Vosou- piano in a perfectly fitting enviroment with quality sound and an atmosphere that gave even more color to the wonderful music of the composer!

In his speech the professor Vasilis Schinas said:  " George Papadopoulos was born in Patra and comes from a musical family. His music has too many awards in many national and international competitions . He has presented 20 compositions in 15 contests and got 25 distinctions with 17 awards, 3 commendations, and 5 of Scientific finals.

He has also awarded for two years in a row as the guitar soloist at competitions Interartia 2012- 2013. In 2012 he begun a series of concerts all over Greece.




The music teacher Joanna Mintilogliti said: "The music moves on classic and contemporary forms. This makes it particularly attractive and timeless. The melodies are easy - soft - clear to stay easily in the ears of listeners. Purely atmospheric music."

Finally , the award-winning author Thanassis Saltas stressed that the music of George Papadopoulos has an identity, has its own distinctive timbre, and moves emotionaly every listener regardless of age and educational level. "George Papadopoulos compotiotions speaks to our souls..." It's a music that creates new images.


Listen to the music of George Papadopoulos: www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zonpa8JztDc