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Date added: 07/05/2012 Cambia Small Fests Ianos


MAY, 10 – start time 6:30pm

 IANOS (24, Stadiou Street, Athens)

Cambia Books in cooperation with the conservatories of Athens organize original concerts where the children of the conservatories join forces to create ensembles of classical and contemporary music.

In these concerts, the students will present songs from collections of Cambia Books and works from the books of New Composers.

The teachers form ensembles which present these works in an original way. So, we will watch concerts with songs of Locomondo, Panos Mouzourakis, Zac Stephanou, George Milonas, Phoebus Delivorias and Melisses (Bees), by specific ensembles (ensembles with polyphonies, percussion, piano, guitars, etc.)

Talented students of the conservatories embrace the works of the New Composers and render them with their own, unique way. We will listen to works for piano and chamber music works and we will certainly be surprised by the abilities of the students.

These concerts offer you the possibility to meet the conservatories and the music schools of your neighbour face to face, helping you with the selection of a school for your child or yourself. You can talk face to face with the directors and the teachers of the conservatories , get information, explore your child’s attitudes towards music and the musical instrument he/she would like to learn, since there will be the chance of listening to many, different musical instruments by children older or younger than yours.

These concerts that look like small festivals, give the possibility to conservatories, students and teachers to give prominence and present their work.