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Date added: 07/09/2012 ΤΡΙΑΝΟΝ 2012

Cambia Editions organized with great success their first concert featuring new composers and artists at TRIANON, on May the 13th 2012, giving the opportunity to the public to listen to the works of new greek composers who have either already won awards in international composing competitions  or have already collaborations with record companies, orchestras etc., composers who already collaborate with Cambia editions to have their music books published, so as to enable young artists to reproduce their music in concerts, personal concerts etc.

 The audience  was very satisfied  from  both the compositions that were heard and from the performers, musicians who gave their best to satisfy the audience.

Works of Renee Nicholaou (acclaimed in international competitions), Yola Voutsina (Michael Travlos’ student), George Papadopoulos (who carries numerous awards in international competitions and is now preparing his first album with FM records), Christos Efs Dimakis (whose works are being  played both in Greece and abroad),  George Varsamakis (who has  already published several albums and gives  numerous concerts annually), Vida Germanakou, Chrysanthi Oikonomaki, Julia Kazimirova, Gianna Christogeorgaki and many other notable composers were heard during this concert.

 Although the show’s duration  exceeded 2 hours, the audience  was not at all tired and at the end of the evening INO WINES  offered the audience their beautiful white, rose and red wines.

With the aid of INO’S WINES, the audience formed  a group and stayed outside the theater for a long time after the end of the show, sharing  their impressions with each other, known and unknown,  enjoying  the wines of INO and were able to meet face to face with the  composers and soloists.

Cambia Editions are planning for 2012-2013 similar comcerts, to introduce  to the Greek public, important new Greek composers and excellent young soloists.

Greece is still giving birth to many art creators,  interpreters of the 21st century, produces really high level culture. There are many creators
- composers, whose work has something special to “say”. If we want our country to move forward musically as well, we all need to support new composers, grabbing the opportunity to listen to new music work, so that finally we can have a more spherical view of what’s going on in the greek music scene