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Date added: 07/09/2012 SEPTEMBER 15th, PUBLIC, THESSALONIKI

Cambia Editions will present their new music releases publications with a unique musical event, at PUBLIC THESSALONIKI (Tsimiski 24) Saturday, September 15 at 12:00 am

The book by George Varsamakis "Piano Musical Stories" will be presented live by  pianist Mellidis Lazarus. The book "Oneirodromoi» by George Papadopoulos will be shown  with live guitar and piano, the composer himself on guitar and piano Chrysanthi Oikonomaki. Two young students will play songs from the book "Getting Started, Junior I» by Costas Bravakis, while his daughter Nephele Bravaki will perform piano pieces  from his  book "Four Colours Piano Suite". From the book «Dreams" will perform works in the piano the composer Chrysanthi Oikonomaki herself.

The collection “Endelehia/ Eudaimones”, by Dimitris Mitsotakis transcribed for piano, leading voice and guitar, the collection of Phoebus Delivorias with 12 well-known songs, the collection of 12 songs by MELISSES transcribed for piano, leading voice and guitar and Christos Efs. Dimakis’ book " Flutesongs for small orchestra" will be available for sale to the public.

Come have fun and get acquainted with the artists, get your books signed by the authors and get to know the music publishers in person.

Admission is free.