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Date added: 04/07/2012 Panhellenic Music Group Contest Demetria 2012
Cambia Publications in cooperation with the Thessaloniki Concert Hall and "Demetria" presents at the opening ceremony of Demetria, Sunday, September 16, 2012, at the area between the buildings of Thessaloniki Concert Hall, four unique Greek bands with different timbre and musical style.

Vote for the group you like best,  to have their work published in a book . Voting results will be published on 30/9/2012.



This is the second largest festival in Greece, after the Greek Festival (Festival of Athens and Epidaurus Festival) and certainly the longest living, featuring European profile and orientation. Besides, Thessaloniki has become a center celebrating the most inspirational forms of art.

The once glorious celebration of the Byzantine period the "Golden Age" of Thessaloniki in the 14th century. AD, has returned - hopefully to stay - in October 1966.

Perhaps the only festival in the country that is directly rooted in our historical past. Demetria, a large trade fair in Thessaloniki's Byzantine times, in honor of the patron saint of the city, centuries later has evolved into the largest cultural festival of Thessaloniki, with National acceptance and international recognition.

Originally named "New Festival".
When it began to be organized in 1966, included only 11 events.
Along the way it became a giant, offering more than 80 events at a depth of 2 or more months.
Today, 47 years later, a program of 35 events seek to travel the county’s second largest city population - and beyond - to remarkable cultural destinations and to highlight its metropolitan  character.

From early September for more than a month, the celebration of culture in Thessaloniki has a name: "DIMITRIA."

With the festival, the city experienced a period full of fascinating moments. Leading personalities of the arts were present all these years, putting the "Demetria" festival,  in the high position it had to possess by nature.

Since 1995, Demetria festival is included amongst the most important art events in Europe, the accession to the European Union International Festival (EFA), has earnt it extra prestige and recognition.