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Date added: 25/06/2012 Book Presentation, Dimitris Mitsotakis, Christos Efs Dimakis, Evgenia Pantzi Archondithou

Thursday, June 28 at 6:30 pm in Ιanos bookshop's cafe, Stadiou 24,  Cambia's Music books presentation.

In Ianos , 24, Stadiou str., on June 28  in Athens,  Cambia will present to the  public a collection of songs, transcribed for piano, voice and guitar by Dimitris Mitsotakis (Endeleheia, Eudemones).

Well known and beloved songs of the Group Endeleheia, (I'm not what you want, Dive from above, etc.) and songs of the Group Eudemones (If I pull the line, etc.) are included in the collection of Dimitris Mitsotakis. Many of these will be presented with piano accompaniment (Chryssa Oikonomaki) and guitar / vocals by Dimitris Mitsotakis in Ianos Bookstore,  on June 28.
There are going to be presented also Christos Dimakis works for small orchestra, published by Cambia books, titled "Flaoutotragouda for small orchestra." A five-member orchestra will present live the music works of Christos Dimakis in Ianos. Stathis Chomatsas piano, Nayia Vourlakis viola, Karantouni Urania, cello,  Athanasios Nasopoulos contra bass and  Alexandra Kaminioti flute, will journey us through the works of Christos Dimakis aimed to "break the forms" and to present something new on the music scene.

Apart from the projects contained in the book, Christos Dimakis in the piano and Dimitris Kottaridis cello, will present a global premiere work by Christos Dimakis "What brought the moment."

The colored educational book by Eugenia Pantzis Archontidou titled "Music paichnidoperipeteies 1"  that is presented on that same day, is a book that will be loved by teachers teaching music theory to young children as well as from music teachers in schools. It contains puzzles, crosswords and  a variety of playful musical exercises which can be used by teachers to make music theory learning more enjoyable for children.


We welcome  everyone to follow along the variety of the program we have prepared for that day and  to have fun in the beautiful area of ​​Ianos bookshop's cafe ( 1st floor).

The room is air conditioned.

Free Admission