Rene Nikolaou





Born in Athens, Rene Nikolaou started her studies in music from a very young age. With Sofia Garoufali as her piano teacher, she held a piano degree and diploma with the grade of “Excellent unanimously and honorary commendation” and “excellent unanimously” correspondingly. She has attended master classes in Greece and abroad with the worldwide famous piano players Aris Garoufalis, Martino Tirimo and Paul Badura Skoda. At the same time, she finishes her studies on Higher Music Theory at which she excels close to Eleni Kosti, Andreas Argiros and the leading musician Giorgos Aravidis. Since 1992, she has been working as a piano, chamber music and higher music theory teacher, as well as a Primary and Junior High School teacher (Musical High School). As a musician, she has participated in concerts as a soloist and with several ensembles, as well as in two piano-recitals with the pianist Marilena Spachi. In her compositions, there are included works for piano (Etudes, Valse Lente, Nocturnal etc.), a collection with “songs for children” , a part of which has been presented at the “School Choir Festival” at Virgin Ekatodapiliani Church in Paros (May 2009), the operetta for children “The fox as a nun”, the symphonic work “Metachorisis” written for a symphony orchestra and a choir as well as chamber music works for piano and violoncello.

Her works “Two small canons” and “Etude no.2” have been awarded at the competition organized by the U.S National Academy of Music (State of Colorado) with the “Finalist of the International Music Prize for Excellence in Composition 2010” and “Honorable Mention Citation” correspondingly.




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