Thanasis Saltas



Thanasis Saltas
Born in Piraeus 4 July 1976. He studied at the University of Piraeus Department of Finance and Banking Management and he continued with postgraduate studies at Nottingham Trent University in the field of Business Administration and Economics and at the University of Athens in the field of Human Resources Management.

He has been into literature since 1996, when he held his first posts. He has attended theater writing, authoring and script writing courses. He has written theater plays, short stories, poetry, songs and lyrics,as well as scientific, artistic and journalistic articles.

He has won prestigious literary awards in all kinds of speech. For example:
- First Prize in Global Competition on Poetry, Short stories, Essays, with his play "Distomo Then, Distomo Now .." by Greek Cypriots Cultural Group, Home of Cyprus (Cyprus Embassy) (2013)
- First Praise in the Short Story International Competition of the Group of Friends of Greek Culture Stuttgart (2013)
- First Prize Prize in the 8th National Competition of literary writing group IDEOPNOON-BREATHS OF SPEECH & ART – IAMVOS ART,  for his Short Story "Kyrenia’s Postman " (2013)
- First Prize in Short Story National Competition “Sikeliana” for his short story "Icaria" (1998).
- First Prize  for his Lyric , of the song "Murder" in the International Song Competition, which took place in Volos with artists from Greece, Europe and Australia (2008).
- Second Prize and honors for Poetry for his works “ Kafeneion Nostos "and "July 74" from Spiritual Companionship, Limassol (2013).

He has won numerous other awards for poems and song lyrics in Greece, as in the top 10 songs at the Festival Asimos Nicholas, Kozani (2008) with the song "Anagennesis", and in the  2nd Annual Music Heaven Contest 2012 with the song "Colors", etc.

He has worked with major cultural organizations and art groups. For example:
-In 1998 he became a member of the Artistic Ideas and Contemporary Greek Poets Café.
-In 2001 he collaborated with the Educational Theatre Institute "Theatromathia'' in performances and theatrical events sponsored by NET (National Greek Radio TV).
-In 2004 he released the discography project "Between Light and Rain" with personal lyrics in collaboration with the composer George Papadopoulos.
-In 2006 he collaborated with the Art Group Melody Spirit presenting the libretto "Painting".
-In 2007 he became a member of the Korydallos  Cinema Club, of Paradisos Cinema and a member of the informal Committee on Culture of the Korydallos Municipality.
Since then he makes speeches - analyzes of films and he writes in the film magazine "Editing".
- In 2011 he collaborated with a group of Educational Artists (graduates of the School of Fine Arts) for whose art works exhibited at the Municipal Gallery of Piraeus, he wrote lyrics. This collaboration resulted in the recent book including a collection of poetry entitled "Voices on Helicon" with music by composer Chrysanthi Oikonomaki.
- In 2013 he released the story "The Garden of Joy and Sorrow" with music by composer Hrisanthi Oikonomaki.

Since 2004 Member of AEPPI and since 2013 member of OSDEL. Since 2008 is registered in the global Celebrity Encyclopedia Who is Who.

A. Personal Works in Circulation:
Poetry Collection:
"Voices on Helicon" Cambia (Editions 2012)
'Thermopylae' (forthcoming 2013)
"The Garden of Joy and Sorrow" (Cambia Editions 2013)

B. Participation in team projects in Circulation
Short Story Collections
a «11 Authors, Modern Short Stories" (Published by Pnoes Literature and Art 2013)

Poetry Collections:
a «26 Poets, Poetry Anthology Volume III" (Published by  Pnoes Literature and Art 2013)

G. Participation in team projects in Circulation (stocks exhausted)
A. "Contemporary Greek Poets Volume A" (Editions Sunflower Beetle-1998)
B. "Contemporary Greek Poets Volume II" (Editions Sunflower Beetle-1999)

D. Discography
1. "Voices on Helicon» (download mp3, versions Cambia 2013)
2. "Between Light and Rain" (Editions Musicnet 2006, stocks exhausted)

E. Other Examples of unpublished works:

Poetry Collection: "Thermopylae", "The Passion of Love", "Parallel Roads" Mrs. ..

Theatrical: "Zografia (Journey of the Senses and the Arts)", "Hydrogony", "It happened once," "Secret Tales (Paramythias Street)" etc.

Short Stories: "Nemesis", "Ikaria", "Kafeneion Nostos», «Cerries and Waterfall Fairy",  "Love from Aachen to the Aegean" Ms.

Novel: "The last big mourning yellow daisy."


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