What we do 

"AN ART" in its unique place, hosts activities that we hope will be the initial trigger for our place to become a "hangout" for people who grapple with culture and art, to bring together artists from different specialties and ages and through this "fermentation" to promote true artistic creation and to provide opportunities for expression where they are needed. Particular attention is being given, to create and to give opportunities to young artists (first and foremost in mind), visual artists, painters, musicians, singers, poets, writers, actors, etc. but also the spirit of promoting products with the support of "AN ART".

Some of our activities are:
- Operation of a free reading library.
- Organizing artistic exhibitions.
- Organizing events like concerts, children's or not performances, book presentations, poetry and literary readings, press      conferences, meetings of artists, small conferences.
- Organizing seminars.
- Organizing events to support charitable causes.
- Sound and video recording in our hall.
- Promotion of new artists by production and sales of their intellectual works, physically or online.



- A / C (cooling - heating).
- Waiting room for artists.
- Event room with professional focal lighting.
- Hi end grand piano Steinway & Sons - "M" model.
- HD video recording of the event.
- Speakers for “carpet” music in all facilities.
- Library of 500 titles.
- Artistic exhibitions room with special white panels (about 44 sq.) and professional focal lighting.
- Artistic exhibitions room for smaller objects with special displays.
- Logistics and computerization in house.
- Services of artistic events.

Contact us: info@an-art.com 
Telephone:  +30 210 3220082






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