Lenka Peskou

Lenka Peskou was born in the Czech Republic in 1974 from Greek parents and began her first piano lessons at 8 years of age. When she came to Greece she continued her studies and from ‘94 she has been studying with Filippova Filippina who gave her the PIANO CERTIFICATE UNANIMOUSLY with HONORS in 1999 and the PIANO DIPLOMA with HONORS in 2002.

She performed a Piano Recital in the Vafopouleio Arts Center, in the Contemporary Conservatory of Thessaloniki in the recitals of Young Artists. She also accompanied occasionally the Choir of Thessaloniki in concerts in
Thessaloniki (Italian Institute, State Theatre) and Serres.
She simultaneously did Higher Theoretical Studies: CERTIFICATE OF HARMONY with HONORS in 1996 in the class of N.Solomonidis after entering the State Conservatory of Thessaloniki CERTIFICATE OF COUNTERPOINT with HONORS in
1998 in the class of K.Grimaldi, CERTIFICATE OF ORCHESTRATION OF WIND INSTRUMENTS in 2000 in the class of K.Zariba and the CERTIFICATE OF FUGUE with HONORS in the class of K.Siebi in 2001 and DIPLOMA OF COMPOSITION with HONORS with the same professor at the Conservatory Filippos Nakas in 2005.

She also holds a CERTIFICATE IN FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT with HONORS specializing as an Accountant in 1994.

She has attended many seminars on composition and piano of Greek and foreign distinguished teachers.
Since 1999 she teaches piano and theory of music in Conservatories of Thessaloniki.

Also since 2003 she works full-time as a music teacher in Primary School Education.
She has composed music for children’s Theatrical production, small-large works and many songs. Some of her compositions: Five little variations for flauto and oboe, Three little variations for piano,Guard your dreams (Composition for 4 choral voices based on Lenka’s Peskou poem ), Composition for piano, Composition for 6 percussions (trgl. clv. bls. glock.
mar. tamb.), «The bee» (String Quartet), «From the ashes the miracle…»(tenor cl. fg. cor. trmb. ptti. tamb. timp. camp.
vln. vlc. Cb .-Passage by Giannis Triantis from Eleftherotypia, 29-3-03), String Quartet op.2, «4» (Symphony), «F-O-T-A-K-I»
(A composition for flute), «The island of the slaves» (Opera:Introduction+1st scene / Maribo’s theatrical play), «The hippopotamus’ sonata» (Electronic music based on a L.V.Beethoven’s sonata for piano), «Peace» (A song for soprano and piano based on Giannis’ Ritsos poem), «Picasso»( A song for tenor and piano based on Picasso’s extracts with simultaneous projection of plays), «The satrapy» ( A composition for 4 choral voices and archi ensemble based on Konstandinos’ Kavafis poem), «Seven variations for piano».

You may contact the artist: lenkafotis@yahoo.gr

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