Maria Michalopoulou




• Graduated from the Music Academy in Plovdiv-Bulgaria (specialty music of Pedagogical)
• Graduate of Harmony

• Graduate Counterpoint
• Graduate Piano
Graduate diploma of Piano


• 1st National Congress of music therapy for primary education
• 2nd National conference of music therapy
• 1st International Symposium choral music
• 15th International Conference Choir
• 6th International Congress of Greek Society for Music Education
• Annual Seminar Methodology of piano pedagogy (with Liana Haratsi)


• Member (E.E.M.E) Greek 'Union on music education, piano pedagogy Workgroup
• Member (ISME) International Association for Music Education.
• Member (E.E.M.A.P.E) Teachers' Association of Music Education Primary Education
• There was a board member of CH.O.N. (Choir Youth Orchestra) from 2000-2002
• Awarded to Panhellenic competitions organized by the choir CH.O.N. the years 2000-2001-2002 First Prize in the nursery of the Choir of St. Efthimiou Keratsini.
• In 2002 the group was awarded by UNESCO for its contribution to music education.
• She was a member of the Choir of St. Efthimiou from 1985-2003.
• Head of the nursery and head of piano teaching organized by the choir of St. Efthimiou from 1997-2003.
• Created in 2003 the Children's Choir of St. Basil Piraeus and part piano from 2003-2006 with many events.
• She worked as a musician in the School of the Holy Metropolis of Piraeus from 2000-2007 with many activities.
• She was head of learning musical instruments in the above school.
• Collaborated with Domna Samiou radio series for the third program of ERT.
• Participated in children's shows and a series of historic emissions ERT.1.
• She worked as a piano teacher at the Conservatory (Max Challeker school years 2005-2006-2007 first half).
• Works as a teacher of piano and theory in music Studies Center Andreas Papadatos and as a piano teacher at the Conservatory Research. (Since 2007)
• In 2008 she worked as a musician in kindergarten kindergarten sunbeam.
• The school year 2008-2009 and 2009-2010 she worked as a musician in Kindergarten-Kindergarten of K. Peace-Saraga Angelides.
• She works as a piano teacher k 'theory in the National Conservatory and k' in Major  Conservatory (since 2009).
• Works as a teacher of piano And music theory at the Conservatory Opera since 2010.
• The school years: 2009-2010 and 2010-2011 was responsible and taught at the piano department harmony parents' 13th-21st of primary schools Keratsini.

Contact: mariamixalopoulouxionidou@yahoo.gr


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