Konstantina Vrettou

Konstantina Vrettou was born in 1983 and grew up in Athens. At the age of 7, she started taking her first piano lessons at the Cultural Center of the Municipality of Kamatero and she soon continued her studies at the National Conservatory of Athens at the piano class of Chrisoula Hronopoulou with whom she took a Piano Degree (Excellent Unanimously).

She continued her studies in piano at Orpheio Athens Conservatory with teacher Stavros Kollias under the apprenticeship of whom she gave diplomatic tests in piano (Piano Diploma, Excellent Unanimously & Second Prize). In 2009 and 2010 with double scholarship from the Ministry of Culture of Luxembourg and of Conservatoire de Luxembourg, she studied piano at the Summer Academy of Music in Luxembourg with the internationally renowned soloists and teachers Daniel Blumental and Eva Pobloska.

At the same time, she studies Higher Theory (Degree in Harmony, Excellent, Class of Stella Makrigianni, National Conservatory of Athens) and studies flute (Conservatory of Athens, class of Dimitris Fotopoulos). During her studies, she participates in international festivals (flute meeting) and as an active member of masterclasses and seminars in piano and flute in Greece and abroad and distinguished soloist and educators (Dimitris Toufexis, Daniel Blumental, Carlo Jans, Trevor Wye, Mathias Ziegler etc)

With entrance examinations, she entered twelfth the Musical Studies Department of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens from which she graduated as a scholar of the Papadakis legacy earning the highest score nationwide. During her studies at the department of Music studies, she had seminar assignments in various fields (historical musicology, ethnomusicology, Byzantine musicology, music technology etc) and she completed the courses of Music Production.

During her musical course, she has solo concerts, participates in group concerts and chamber music ensembles. She participates in rock music groups (Rock Makers, Nectar, Joker, Bonus, Phantom Lord, Rock Review etc) with which she has live shows at music stages throughout Greece. As a session musician she collaborated with well-known performers of the Greek Scene (Sia Koskina, Kiprianos, Vasilis Axiotis, Nikos Ventouratos etc) and she made recordings for demos of ensembles at the studio of the National and Kapodistrian university of Athens and at the studio of the School of Audio Engineering SAE. In March 2012, she participated in the album with works of the composer Yola Voutsina Papagiannidi which is out with the book “Music Rain” of Cambia Books.

She has set lyrics to music for the forthcoming children’s book “The little witch Nti-ranto” and for the songs “Whatever I dreamed” and “Because it is you” by the writer and librettist Rodoula Zochiou. More over, she has set lyrics to music and composed music for the children’s theatrical performance “The child and the star”. (Athens 2010)

Since 2006, she has been teaching Music at Primary and Secondary Education.

 You may contact Konstantina Vrettou at email: constantina.vrettou@yahoo.com 

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