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Christos Efs Dimakis

Christos Efs Dimakis studied music at the “Greek Conservatory” of Serres, the “National Conservatory” of Athens, the “Central” and the “Thermaikos” Conservatories of Thessaloniki, the Conservatory of Epirus (Tsakalof Cultural Centre) and in the Music Academy of Hamburg. He has obtained diplomas in harmony, counterpoint, fugue, piano, singing, composition, instrumentation and orchestration of wind instruments with honors.


He has given concerts, which included musical compositions of his own, in Serres (1980-1994), in Austria (Gratz, 1994, music for piano) and in Germany (Munich, music for cello and piano). In 2005, Deutsche Welle presented (in world broadcast) part of his Symphonic work. In 1999 the Swedish Academy of music in Göteborg honored his composing work and included his music in its official music library. In 2000 and 2002 he gave 10 concerts with works of Vivaldi, Corelli and his own in Italy, under the auspice of the Municipality of Venice.

He has collaborated, in multiple occasions, with the National Symphonic Orchestra of the Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation (ERT) in Athens. The third programme of the Hellenic State radio (ERA) has also presented parts of his compositions for symphonic orchestra in world broadcast and recorded his symphonic sketch “Nostimon Imar” (Day of Return), a symphony uniting refugees all over the world.

He has performed in Edessa, Katerini, Kavala, Athens, Thessaloniki, Larissa, Volos and Ioannina. The municipality of Serres honored him with a Diploma for his “Symphony No1” in Serres (1997). He has developed music (opera) for the Symphonic Orchestra of Epirus. In November 2009 the Symphonic Orchestra of the Academy of Sofia performed a concert with some of his latest compositions.Concert hall Parnassos April 2011


He has been commissioned to write music for the Municipal and Regional theatres of Serres and Kavala, for plays staged at the Municipality of Zografos (Athens), the theatre of the Archdiocese of Katerini (“Aghios Fotios”) and the theatre of Rahi (Pieria region). He has participated in the Olympus festival with music for  Promitheas Desmotis” (Prometheus Bound) of Aeschylus.

He has also worked with several theatre companies and writers such as Evgenios Trivizas (“Fruitopia”) and Xenia Kalogeropoulou – Lefteris Papadopoulos (“Odyssevach”).

The Municipality of Zografos awarded him the first prize in theatre music for the play “The Drama Of A Lonely Single Mother”. He also received the first prize for a 6 children song cycle by the Municipality of Kalamaria (Thessaloniki).


Presentations – Magazines – Television

ET3, NET and ET1 (channels of the Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation, ERT) have presented his compositions through interviews and participations in well-respected journalist panels. The Third programm of ERT is still broadcasting his pieces. Several music magazines in Athens and musicologists have also presented and promoted his work.

The Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Faculty of Fine Arts, School of Music Studies invited him twice to present his work to the students in 2004.

Mr Dimakis is a member of the Greek Composers Union and teaches music, piano, advanced theory and composition in public schools and conservatories. He also runs composition seminars all over Greece.

He has written 4 books that can be found in the libraries of many musical institutions worldwide, while the original manuscripts are kept at the National Library of Greece.

e-mail: xristos_dimakis@hotmail.com



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