Giola Voutsina - Papagiannidi

Yola- Voutsina Papagiannidi was born in Patra. At age 12 she started taking piano lessons. After her graduation from High School, she enters the Law School of the University of Athens, Faculty  of Political Sciences and Public Administration. While studying at the University, she gets the degree of "Harmony" in music and is designated as a music teacher in Secondary Education. With Sofia Garoufali as her teacher, she gets a degree in piano.

Later on, she takes lessons of Higher Theory with teacher Michalis Travlos. She completes her studies in music with the degrees in counterpoint and Fugue and finally with a diploma in Composition with the grade of "Excellent".

She continues her studies attending classes of Music Technology in the next two years. She has composed chamber music , Choral and Orchestral Music while she has taken part in concerts of "New Greek Composers".

You can contact the composer:giola963@gmail.com




: giola963@gmail.com




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