Vida Pironkova Germanakou

Pironkova Germanakou Vida was born in Bulgaria in 1966. She studied at the Music School L. Pipkov (Sofia, Bulgaria) in 1980-1985 and continued her studies at the Academy of Music and Choral Art in Filipoupoli specialized at piano and music pedagogy (master)

From 1988 to 1991 she worked as a music teacher of secondary education, while in 1991 as music editor on "Balkanton" (the production of records for public company in Sofia, Bulgaria)

The 2001 - 2004 she worked as a journalist specializing in art magazines, and released two cd's as a composer(pop music)At the same time she composed music for theater and chamber music.

In 2010-2011 she worked as an educator of music education in parts of DI.K.E.P. (Municipal company Perama Municipality).

She was distinguished  in 1992 with prize for music composition, writing poetry and for her singing skills, at the International Festival "Golden Orpheus" Slanchev Briag


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